Kamala Harris, Ivanka Trump making appeals to Georgia voters

Campaigning in Georgia on Monday, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris stressed a need to elect Democratic U.S. Senate candidates who will advance President-elect Joe Biden s agenda. Ivanka Trump meanwhile, warned that failing to reelect the two Republican incumbents in next month’s crucial

Ice Age wolf pup mummy discovered in Canadian permafrost

An ancient wolf pup, perfectly preserved in permafrost, has been discovered in Yukon, scientists have revealed. T The creature dates from the Ice Age and its remains were discovered by a gold miner in 2016 near to Dawson City in Yukon. It

What’s next for Congress after historic Covid relief deal?

As Congress crosses the 2020 finish line with the exhaustion and disappointment of a marathon runner whose legs and bowels gave out miles ago, it begs the question: what’s next? Leaders in Washington have scraped together a $900bn Covid relief deal, the

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