Royalty TV: UK monarchy and television have complex ties

Britain’s royal family and television have a complicated relationship. The medium has helped define the modern monarchy: The 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was Britain’s first mass TV spectacle. Since then, rare interviews have given a glimpse behind palace curtains at

Biden White House: keeping control of the daily message

No news conference. No Oval Office address. No primetime speech to a joint session of Congress. President Joe Biden is the first executive in four decades to reach this point in his term without holding a formal question and answer session. It

Fighting Biden virus aid, GOP rekindles Obama-era strategy

Republicans have one goal for President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package: to erode public support for the rescue plan by portraying it as too big, too bloated and too much wasteful public spending for a pandemic that’s almost over. Senate

Judge dismisses lawsuit by Democratic AGs to recognize ERA

A federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by three Democratic state attorneys general that had sought to force the federal government to recognize Virginia s vote last year to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and add it to the Constitution.

Trump offers early endorsement for loyal SC governor

Former President Donald Trump on Friday endorsed South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster s bid for a second full term in 2022, continuing their yearslong alliance in a move to strengthen ties with the early-voting state that Trump won twice. In a statement

Yellen says Congress needs to 'go big' for relief package

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Friday that despite the strong job gains last month, Congress still needs to “go big” by passing President Joe Biden s $1.9 trillion relief package to get millions of people back to work sooner. In an interview

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