McConnell: Democrats 'won't get our help' to lift debt limit

Republicans will oppose raising the federal debt limit if Democrats pursue their $3.5 trillion, 10-year plan to strengthen social and environment programs, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday. The Kentucky Republican’s threat was the most explicit he has been about his

Covid cases among kids surge 85% higher from last week

Coronavirus cases are up 85 per cent in children, according to pediatric data. Last week, nearly 72,000 children tested positive for Covid-19, marking a major increase that has left public health officials worried, especially as the new school year draws near. The

Texas governor orders new try at passing GOP voting laws

Texas Gov. Greg Greg Abbott ordered a third attempt at passing a GOP voting bill on Thursday, calling another special legislative session to begin this weekend as Democrats who left the state weeks ago in protest still remain in Washington The announcement

EXPLAINER: How Cuomo might be impeached, removed from office

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo buffeted by sexual harassment allegations, is increasingly looking like he could be impeached and removed from office — something that hasn’t happened to the state’s governor in nearly 108 years. A majority of members of the state

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