Millions of fake masks sent to nurses and hospitals across the US

Hospitals and medical workers throughout the United States have received millions of counterfeit face masks while battling the coronavirus pandemic, according to new reports, as experts raced to determine the efficacy of the fake protective equipment. Nurses and other medical staff were

Pigs can play computer games, study shows

Pigs have learnt to play video games by using a joystick – in a study that underlines their intelligence. US researchers trained four pigs to control a cursor on a monitor, using their snouts to move the joystick in return for rewards.

Norway deports driver for not using snow chains on truck

Norway has deported a truck driver after police caught him driving without the required snow chains on his vehicle twice within an hour. He has been banned from returning to the country for two years and fined 11,000 Kroner (£957). The man,

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