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Check your postcode NOW! You may be missing out on faster broadband at a very low price

If you’re fed up with paying sky-high prices for mediocre broadband speeds then now could be a good time to check your postcode. One rival to BT, Sky and Virgin Media has just announced that it’s in more homes than ever before and is offering blisteringly quick speeds at a much more affordable rate.

Whist BT and Virgin Media charge users over £55 for the privilege of these quick downloads, Community Fibre wants just £30 for its 1Gbps service – there’s even the option to switch on 3Gbps downloads for £89 per month.

If that sounds far too fast for your fix of Netflix and sending the odd email then are also cheaper options available right now from the firm including 200Mbps for £22.50 and 75Mbps for £20. As a comparison, BT currently charges £26.99 for 38Mbps speeds which are considerably slower and way more expensive.

Speaking about the latest upgrade, Graeme Oxby, CEO of Community Fibre, said: “Bringing the best internet to our community has always been the focus of our business. With over 500k homes now able to connect we are well on our way to reaching our accelerated goal of reaching 2.2 million homes by the end of 2024. As an independent provider competing against larger incumbents, we know our goals are ambitious. However, we have been working hard to ensure that all of London has access to a high quality, high speed, affordable broadband network. We believe that London should have the best possible infrastructure to support its future growth ambitions.”


Fibre to the Premises is far superior to older copper cables as it means the best speeds possible are brought into the home. Although many streets have fibre technology buried under the pavement the final journey of the internet connection is often carried by these ageing phone lines which ends up slowing things down. Most copper lines can only cope with speeds of around 75Mbps and nothing faster.

Once FTTP is installed, the fibre comes right to the front door meaning consumers can see their downloads increase to over 1Gbps – that’s more than 14 times faster than copper technology.



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