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Chips at 200C and NEVER use brown bread – recipe for perfect butty found by scientists

The formula, derived by Professor James Hind, has determined once and for all how the cherished meal should really be made. It comes following years of debate as to whether Britain’s favourite should be made using bread or a roll, what type of chips should be used and what condiments accompany it.

Iceland, the UK’s leader in frozen food which operates over 950 stores across the country, has worked with statisticians from Nottingham Trent University to survey 2000 Brits about the perfect way to make the filling and cost-effective dish.

Leading statistician Dr James Hind then refined a recipe based on their eating habits.

He experimented with timings, temperatures and portion sizes – then devised an equation for the optimum ratio of chips to bread.

According to the new study, Britons have been making a massive blunder when it comes to preparing the classic by using 50 per cent too few chips.

New research shows that 37 percent of Brits most commonly choose to use only seven or eight chips in their butty.

According to Dr Hind’s findings, at least 12 freshly cooked, thick-cut chips between two slices of buttered white bread with ketchup makes for the best butty.

Anything less than that specific quantity and Dr Hind warns that there may be insufficient chips to melt the butter, which is required to soften the bread and create a tasty contrast to the crispiness of chips.

Mr Hind also warned that adding too many chips will make it awkward to eat the butty.

If more than a dozen is used “every mouthful will seem like it is almost all chips with the bread and butter going largely unnoticed” the statistician warned.

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The data from the survey found that over half (52 percent) said the bread for a butty must be a sliced white loaf, preferred by over half (52%).

Soft bread rolls were in favour with just 14 percent of the respondents, while only 8 percent said sliced brown bread is there choice.

The thickness of the loaf was also factored into the winning formula

49 percent of people say a medium sliced loaf should be used rather than thick or thin slices.

65 percent of people said the bread must be buttered rather than relying on margarine, which 23 percent said was their choice.

64 percent though said the butter had to be applied in a thin layer of butter.

Thick cut chips, like those from a local chip shop, are best to use rather rather than standard oven chips or skinny french fries according to 46 percent of people surveyed.

Ketchup is the most popular condiment to add to a butty – at 49 percent.

17 percent of people also said mayonnaise or vinegar was a suitable addition to a chip butty.

A spokesperson from Iceland said “The Chip Butty is one of the greatest culinary inventions in UK history.

“We felt it our duty to ensure the British public know the optimum way to build their crispy potato sandwich.”

Iceland sells a wide range of over 50 types of chips to satisfy anyone’s personal preference if they fancy trying their hand at creating their own perfect chip butty.

A spokesperson added: “With prices starting from just £1, the Chip Butty is as budget-friendly as it is delicious.”



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