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Chris Eubank Sr 'gone missing' since Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn fight was announced

Soon after it was announced his namesake son would be fighting Conor Benn in a generational clash, Chris Eubank Sr. has “gone missing.” That’s according to Chris Eubank Jr., who remains eager to have his father in his corner when he faces off against ‘The Destroyer’.

Almost 30 years after Eubank Sr. and Benn’s father, Nigel, last met in the boxing ring, it’s the legendary duo’s sons who are prepared to resume the rivalry on October 8. The former once regularly accompanied his son during walk-outs and has been part of his corner team in the past, but ‘English’ has been noticeably absent in more recent bouts.

“No, no, it’s not that,” Eubank Jr. told talkSPORT after being asked if the pair had fallen out. “Since the fight’s been announced I haven’t actually heard from him, which is amazing to say.

“Especially early in my career he was there front and centre for all my fights. At the press conferences, at the weigh-ins, in the corner. And for the biggest fight of my career, he’s gone missing.


Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr ‘nearly came to blows’ during backstage meeting

“Just because of what this all means to us,” Eubank Jr. continued. “But I don’t know if he [Eubank Sr.] wants to be in the corner, that’s the question. We have to find out where his head is at with that and from there we’ll decide what to do.”

Eubank Sr. isn’t active on social media but tweeted on July 31 that he was “looking forward to meeting you all in the kitchen” after his spot on Celebrity Masterchef was confirmed. The 55-year-old recently paid tribute to his late son, Sebastian, who was only 29 when he died in Dubai on July 9, 2021, following a heart attack.



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