Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Christian Horner brands Toto Wolff intentions 'illegal' as F1 bosses turn hostile again

Meanwhile, Horner has admitted that Verstappen’s 63-point lead heading into the midway point of the season was beyond his ‘wildest dreams’ at the start of the campaign. 

He said: “If you had told me going into Christmas last year that with the biggest regulation change in 40 years, with the effort that we put into last year’s championship, that we would be sitting here with eight Grand Prix victories, two sprint race victories and leading both championships by 64 and 82 points respectively, that would have been beyond my wildest expectations,” said Horner.

“I think that it really is a testament to the determination, dedication and hard work that has gone on behind the scenes within the factory. 

“We’ve seen Ferrari very competitive also this year, we see Mercedes for sure are gathering momentum, but considering we were probably the last team to transition fully onto this car, it has been a phenomenal job.”



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