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Cleaning: How to clean washing machine, oven and dishwasher – including toothbrush hack

How to clean an oven

Oven cleaning has a global search volume of 33,000.

Four major hashtags, #ovencleaning, #ovenclean, #ovenclenainghack and #stovecleaning, have been searched in their millions – #ovencleaning has 144.3 million views.

TikTok influencer @living_with_cambriea suggested taking off the door of the oven for a deep, thorough clean, before hoovering the inside.

After this, cleaning enthusiasts can scrub away.

How to clean a TV screen

Cleaning enthusiasts are also keen on making their TV screens sparkle, according to Google and TikTok searches.
It is searched 31,000 times on Google and #tvcleaning has 1.5 million views on TikTok.

‘Cleanfluencer’ @morethancleaning recommended using a cheap and easy microfibre cloth for the task.

This, and a spray or two of distilled water for anything more than smudges, will do the job.

For a slightly dirtier screen, people can add a drop of dish soap.

But she warned: “Do not, and I repeat do not, use anything with alcohol or ammonia.”



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