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‘Clever’ features that will add the ‘wow factor’ to kitchens on a budget

“Designers sometimes include seating nooks if the kitchen is a multi-functional space, as it creates a more informal area for dining and relaxing, while doubling up as an area to work from home or complete homework.”

The expert noted that by picking fabrics and soft furnishings that complement a specific kitchen design, homeowners can tie the seating area and the rest of the space together seamlessly.

Kitchen larders and pantries have been a kitchen staple for centuries but are becoming less common in modern kitchens due to the common misconception that they require a lot of space.

Yet, Ruth argues: “They can provide both style and substance to your kitchen, and with the right design, the features can flow as a chic extension to your space.

“For a streamlined and tidy aesthetic, carry through the same cabinets and work surfaces from the surrounding space, as this will blend the kitchen and pantry/larder together seamlessly.

“If you’re stretched for space, you can opt for pull-out storage solutions that offer a great compromise.”

The last feature essential to create the wow factor in kitchens are kitchen islands as they have “unsurprisingly become a must-have for many homeowners embarking on a kitchen renovation”, thanks to their functionality and often enviable design. 



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