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Clueless! Britons savage SNP's Blackford over UK paying for Scots state pension claim

The SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford said the commitment to pay out to existing Scottish pensioners “rests with the UK Government” – even if Scotland voted to remove themselves from the UK. The statement garnered outrage on social media – not least from Express readers, with one branding Mr Blackford “truly stark staring bonkers”.

Mr Blackford stated that the Scottish Government will have no commitment to existing Scottish pensioners, but will only take responsibility for new pensioners in an independent Scotland.

When asked what would happen to state pensions if Scotland left the UK during an interview with Scotland’s Choice podcast, he told host and SNP MP Drew Hendry: “Absolutely nothing”.

User Proudscot responded to Mr Blackford’s claims by saying: “Typical clueless stuff from the SNP.

“They have clearly not thought this through, just like the majority of their followers. He also seems to forget there will BE no United Kingdom if they get their way.

“It will NOT include us Scots anymore.”

Another user added: “Keep dreaming Blackford. Even if Scotland left the UK to join the EU Scotland still wouldn’t be independent.

“The UK won’t pay for Scotland leaving, Scotland would pay the UK for leaving and then Scotland would have to pay the EU for membership as well and Blackford would lose his seat in the UK Parliament along with the other SNP MP’s that join him.

“Scotland won’t leave the UK, it is only an SNP fantasy. The SNP are a laughing stock.”

Speaking in December 2021, Mr Blackford stated: “Those that have contributed well within being part of the UK have an entitlement for a pension indeed that was made clear by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury at the time of the independence referendum in 2014.

“That commitment to continue to pay pensions rests with the UK Government.

“That’s no different to a UK citizen who chooses for example to live in, Canada, Spain or France, or anywhere else.

“That commitment to receive your pension remains in place. That’s an obligation of the UK Government.”

However, Express readers were not convinced.

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Another user compared Mr Blackford to Oliver Twist, saying: “He does nothing but take the SNP’s begging bowl to Westminster. Always standing up asking for more.”

Mr Blackford was similarly harangued on Twitter for his statements.

Sam Taylor posted: “It’s easy to become inured to SNP lies, but this is genuinely extraordinary.”

Another said: “So basically UK will not pay pensions to anyone in an Indy Scotland, why should they, that means we are well and truly f**



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