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Common winter pests to ‘watch out for’ that ‘wreak havoc’ – ‘effective’ ways to deter them

“Surprise, surprise, rats can also chew metal! Along with chewing holes in woodwork, rodents build nests within cavities and can become a real nuisance.”

Hiding food sources is another way to deter these rodents. Jordan said: “To effectively keep rodents away don’t let them get to your food sources, such as leftovers on the counter or in easy-to-get bins.”

Anything edible is fair game to these opportunistic winter pests, including birdseed, rubbish and the ever-common kitchen floor crumbs. 

For foods that have been opened, like cereal or snacks, the expert advised keeping them in airtight containers where rats and mice can’t get to them, and keeping cabinets closed when they are not in use.



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