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‘Communist and Kremlin supporters’ leading the RMT in run-up to Christmas strike action

‘Communist and Kremlin supporters’ are leading the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) in the run up to Christmas strike action. The union today said walk-outs will take place over the festive period, for which it blamed the Government.

Reports show that the individuals elected to the most senior positions in the RMT were help up by a socialist group called the Broad Left.

An article in Workers’ Liberty, which is working towards a “socialist revolution”, notes that “with the election of Alex Gordon, a member of the Communist Party of Britain’s Executive Committee, as National President, the Broad Left faction … has further consolidated its power within RMT’s structures”.

Mr Gordon recently celebrated in a Communist Party Executive Committee meeting that “the strike spirit has spread beyond the industrial, transport and communications sectors”.

Workers’ Liberty adds that “[the Broad Left’s] favoured candidate [for President], Mick Lynch, won the General Secretary election, and its candidate Eddie Dempsey was recently elected Assistant General Secretary.”

An article in the Times today claims that the RMT’s leadership is not just occupied by communist figures but also some who “have aped the Kremlin’s position on Ukraine”.

In support, it points to Mr Gordon’s June speech at a protest against NATO’s role in Ukraine, organised by the Stop the War coalition.

It adds that “Gordon has called for ‘better dialogue with Chinese Marxists’”.

On Ukraine, RMT NEC member Ian Allen also said about Ukraine: “Just give it back to the USSR.”

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He wrote in a post on Twitter that this was “a pretty big elephant in the room”.

Strike action is now expected to be held on December 13, 14, 16 and 17.

On the upcoming action, the RMT today said: “It is now absolutely clear that the Rail Delivery Group’s attempts to resolve the dispute by making a revised and improved offer have been blocked by the Government.

“The companies know that RMT cannot, and never will, accept the implementation of driver-only operation (DOO) as a national principle for operating the railways.

“It is also clear that it is the Government itself, and not the RDG, that insisted that DOO was inserted in to the proposals on Sunday evening as a pre-condition, and the responsibility for the failure to progress proposals towards a resolution lies solely with the Government, who have torpedoed the dispute resolution process.”



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