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‘Completely oblivious’ Woman denied access to board Ryanair flight over Brexit loophole

Caroline Smith, 40, almost missed out on a holiday after she was told she would not be let on a flight to Spain on April 28. She was travelling to celebrate her 10-year ending anniversary and her husband Dan’s 40th birthday.

The Nottingham woman said she was refused access because of a problem with the issue date on her passport.

She told Nottinghamshire Live no problems were flagged when she checked in for her flight online.

But, while her passport expiration date is not until March 2023, its issue date is for June, which is understood to have presented a problem.

The refusal, she said, was “due to a Brexit change”.

She told the paper: “For me it was just something that I was completely oblivious to and I think it’s really important that people are aware of it because I think it’s going to catch a lot of people out.

“Obviously we’re starting to go into summer season, people starting to travel a lot more and what Ryanair are saying is that due to Brexit they’ve made a change.

“So because of that when I went in to check-in my luggage, because I’d already checked in online and no one at that point had flagged it at that point.

“My passport details say sometime in March, 2023, and before it was always like you need three months to go into Spain from your expiry date so in my view I wouldn’t of thought in a million years that my passport wouldn’t be valid.

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This raises questions over the claim the boarding issue was a result of a post-Brexit change in travel rules. approached Ryanair for comment on the causes of the event.

Caroline expanded on the cause of her travel issues: “Now potentially if your passport has been renewed early which in my case it was because at the time 10 years ago we got married and I’d changed my passport because I wanted to change my name to Smith.

“So they then add on a couple of months to the passport because you’ve renewed it early.

“Because of that, that then means that some airlines, like Ryanair, are taking it from the issue date.

“The issue date for my passport is in June and they’re saying you need three months from that date.

“The issue is it’s very conflicting. I can understand what they’re saying but at the same time it’s not super clear anyway.”

She added that her sister works for Jet2 and, after checking on their system, said she was good to travel abroad, including in Europe.



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