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Court hears every word Ryan Giggs told police before arrest for allegedly headbutting ex

Footage of Ryan Giggs speaking to police before he was arrested for allegedly headbutting his ex Emma Greville was played at his trial today. A court heard the 48-year-old former Manchester United star’s words that were captured on police body cam footage after officers were called to an alleged row he had with Ms Greville at their home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on November 1, 2020.

Ms Greville’s younger sister Emma had called police to the house after Giggs allegedly headbutted Ms Greville in the lip. Giggs is also accused of elbowing Emma in the jaw during the argument and of controlling and coercive behaviour towards Ms Greville during their six-year relationship. Giggs denies all charges.

Jurors at Manchester Crown Court today saw footage of the former Wales manager speaking to PC Billington in the hallway of his home about the alleged row. During the conversation, Giggs was heard by the court to allege, Ms Greville had “bust his lip”.

Ms Greville told jurors earlier this week that one of her fingernails “caught in Giggs’ mouth” as she tried to fight him off as he allegedly “pinned her down” to the floor. She said: “I’m trying to do everything I can. Pushing my face with my hand and kicking to try to get him off me.

“One of my fingers went into his mouth and one of my nails caught him.” Giggs won 64 caps for Wales and 13 Premier League titles, two Champions League trophies, four FA Cups and three League Cups during his time at Manchester United. He is also a co-owner of League Two side Salford City.

Here is a transcript of the conversation heard in court:

Giggs: Alright.

PC Billington: What’s been going on? Is it your partner?

Giggs: Yeah she’s there.

PC Billington: What’s been going on?

Giggs: We’ve been out for a meal, had a few drinks in town and had an argument. We were supposed to stay at the hotel. She accused me of a couple of things, she left and I followed her and I’ve come home to my house.

She’s here with her sister who’s been looking after the dog. I come home and ask her to leave, “Why you still here?”. We had an argument and she said “I’m taking the dog”. We recently had a puppy, he’s in the garage. “He’s my puppy, no it’s not he’s mine” That kind of thing, so I went in the garage and looked after the dog.

I come back and “Where’s my phone?”. She’s got my phone. I looked for it for half an hour. I said “Where’s my phone Kate?” “I’m not giving it to you”. We got in a little bit of a tangle, rumbled on the floor there. I didn’t know if she had my phone or not, I then tried to get her phone off her.

We struggled on the floor and she’s kicked me in the head, bust my lip.

Then it all calmed down. I said “Let’s go”, she won’t go. I told my neighbour “Please Linda, can you call the police because Kate won’t leave”. She won’t get involved so I say “Ok fair enough that’s your prerogative”.

I have carried on taking (he mimes carrying bags). Come back and “Where’s my phone”, she’s put my phone there so I have said right ok I am not giving her her phone then, stupidly. She asked for my phone then no, no. There’s been a struggle over there right. I hit her in the lip.

PC Billington: You live here?

Giggs: Yes it’s my house.

PC Billington: And she lives here as well.

(PC Billington asks about Giggs’ mouth)

Giggs: I got injured first and then it calmed down.

PC Billington: Has that happened before, have we been out before?

Giggs: No.

PC Billington: What’s your name mate?

Giggs: Ryan Giggs.

(He gives his date of birth and contact details as well as Kate’s)

PC Billington: For the time being we’re going to speak to your other half and get to the bottom of it and decide what needs to happen. So we have never been called for incidents like this before?

Giggs: No.

PC Billington: Is she going to tell us the same version of events?

Giggs: She’s going to say I’ve attacked her.

PC Billington: Why is her sister here?

Giggs: We had been for a night out and she had been with the puppy.

PC Billington: Whose stuff is that outside?

Giggs: It’s Kate’s. Well I asked her to leave and she wouldn’t. All the stuff at the gate I took to the gate. She rang a taxi, I thought she rang a taxi, but she wouldn’t leave for like an hour. All her stuff was here and she wouldn’t leave so I took her stuff to the outside.

PC Billington: Does she have any family around here?

Giggs: She lives in Manchester. Her sister lives in town and it’s her apartment. 

(He tells PC Billington his family also live nearby)

PC Billington: What dog is it?

Giggs: It’s a cocker spaniel. Five months old. I love him just as much as Kate. We come back and had an argument and she wanted to take him. But he’s my dog.

PC Billington: Has there been violence in the past?

Giggs: No.

PC Billington: How long have you been together?

Giggs: On and off for about three years.

(Giggs is arrested by PC Billington. He remained silent during the arrest)

PC Billington: There’s an allegation of assault, we can’t investigate that here. We’re going to have to place you under arrest and take you down to the police station.

(Giggs was asked if he had anything on him)

Giggs: Just money.

PC Billington: Is your phone in your pocket? (Giggs nods) We’ll have to take hold of that (Officer gives Giggs a quick pat search).

Giggs: With the puppy, is the puppy going to stay here?

PC Billington: We’ll sort it out.

The trial continues.



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