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Covid crisis: Less than two-thirds of people self-isolating after positive test – survey

The shocking statistics come from a survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which covered 1,369 people over 18 when they were quizzed between February 28 and March 8. All the respondents had tested positive for coronavirus up to two days before February 24, 2022.

This date marked the significant moment in easing restrictions, as the legal requirement to self isolate for at least five days following a positive test was removed.

Government guidance continues to state that those with a positive test should stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

But it appears many in the UK have viewed the removal of the legal requirement as a green light to head out in public following a positive test.

Despite less than two thirds of respondents following public health advice, almost all of those surveyed were still making sure to inform their manager at work that they had received a positive test.

The survey found 876 of them said they were self-isolating after a positive test – despite there being no legal need to do so.

This made up 64 percent of those in the survey, indicating a drop from the 80 percent of the 1,006 people who were self-isolating in a survey from February 7-12 earlier this year.

Despite the fact such a large percentage of those surveyed in the most recent study were not self-isolating after a positive test, nearly all the respondents still supported the Government’s guidance.

Nearly all (99 percent) of those surveyed agreed it was important to follow self-isolation advice.

Furthermore, the majority of those who were ignoring public health advice and heading out following a positive test were doing so for a legitimate reason.

Ninety-four percent of respondents reported leaving the house with a reason that would be considered valid under health guidance.

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“Compliance with self-isolation rules was significantly lower than the level reported in February 2022, when self-isolation was a legal requirement. Despite this, we are seeing that almost all respondents agreed that it was important to follow self-isolation advice.”

These findings come as free Covid lateral flow tests will no longer be available in England from April 1, and will only be available to the most vulnerable.

Cases continue to soar across the UK.

According to the latest ONS figures, around one in 16 people in private households in England – 3.5million people – are likely to have had Covid in the week up to March 19.

This is up from one in 20 – 2.7million people – in the previous week, and is the third week in a row that cases are understood to have risen.



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