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Cruise holiday tip to protect valuables from theft – and what to take off at ports

One Reddit user said they were travelling to the Caribbean as a solo female traveller on their first cruise.

They said: “I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how to secure your belongings when in port, specifically on the beach while swimming or snorkelling.”

One passenger replied: “Only take what you need, maybe use a closed toe shoe to store stuff in.”

Hiding valuables at the bottom of a shoe might not be the most foolproof way to protect items but could be used in certain situations.

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Another passenger advised: “Key to solo travelling is to take only what you must have on an excursion or what you can safely carry with you.

“In this case the less you carry the better. Do you really need everything and the kitchen sink when you go to the beach?

“Take one credit card, a small amount of cash, ship’s card, picture ID and your phone.

“All of this can easily fit inside of a waterproof phone case that has been tested before you leave.


They added: “Put your stuff close to another family’s stuff so it looks like you’re together.”

Passengers could always ask other guests to look after their belongings if they trust them to do so.

Some beaches will also have lockers where passengers can leave their valuables while they’re in the sea.

If passengers want to wear jewellery on a cruise, it’s a good idea to take cheaper or costume accessories instead of valuable pieces.



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