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Daily horoscope for July 29: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

A Leo Moon is a loud, creative, and energetic transit to be in. Ruled by the Sun, the Moon while in Leo, inspires heightened enthusiasm, optimism, and a strong dose of spontaneity to our day-to-day. But with this passionate transit can come drama and while it forms a square to stubborn Mars later in the day, tempers are at risk of flaring. reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for July 29.

Coming fifth in the zodiac, Leo is a fixed sign, which means it’s known to fixate and be slightly more stubborn than other signs.

With the symbol of a lion as its totem, Leo transit energy can enhance your own fierce, leadership qualities and spark confidence you might not know you have.

The Moon School said: “Leo usually brings ‘king of the jungle’ type vibes to the day.

“Because of this, a Leo Moon Moon tends to amplify confidence and courage.

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“So if you’re someone who’s already brimming with self-belief, this Moon can be the cherry on the cake.

“But if you struggle with self-confidence, self-motivation, or that old trickster self-belief, a Leo Moon can feel like a gift.”

This fiery Moon is generally one of the more positive transits. While active, it can usually make it easier to feel happy and “tapped into the sunny side of life”, according to The Moon School.

It enhances your ability to take control of situations that on another day, you might not have had the confidence to do.

This can “shorten tempers and cause friction”, according to

The Moon will then move on to square erratic Uranus, which said might give us “hyperactive energy and nowhere for it to go”, which can lead to some very impulsive outbursts.

Finally, when the Moon joins with bold and communicative Mercury at 12.49am BST, said it will “both encourage us to share our feelings with some unpredictability”, but “we could end up wildly oversharing.”

It added: “Let’s make sure we’re venting to the right people.”



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