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Daily horoscope for June 7: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Virgo is one of the more mutable signs of the zodiac – and also one of the most action-oriented. When transiting in this sign, the Moon’s frequency meets a level of change and betterment; bringing with it the power to make more positive adjustments and skills to strategise and plan most effectively. It can also bring out your worst inner critic, so try to make a conscious effort not to spiral into negativity during this transit.

“Some people are highly attuned to her celestial shifts, and some people hardly feel her influence at all.

“It depends on you, your make-up, your attention, and on SO many internal and external factors.

“But as a collective, the Moon sign has a definite, though sometimes subtle, overriding effect on the energetic ‘weather’ of each day.”

Amongst order and action, the Virgo sign is closely associated with health, meaning the day might radiate a more healing undertone.

However, emotionally the Virgo Moon can be slightly more critical, making it important to take a step back and notice when you’re being slightly more self-deprecating as it won’t be healthy.

The Moon School said: “With the potential for nit-picking, it’s important not to spiral into negativity, especially if you over-exert and tire yourself out.”

Perfectionism can also spiral during these transits – which definitely comes with pros and cons. Try not to overdo it and “understand that good enough is good enough”.

Today’s Mars-Saturn semi-square might suggest it’ll be better to slow down when faced with obstacles, as acting too quickly can create more resistance.

Cafe Astrology said: “Since circumstances seem to block our efforts to assert ourselves, patience is necessary now.

Today’s Mars-Pluto quintile will help with this as according to Cafe Astrology, we might be more “willing to challenge ourselves, and we tend to gravitate toward plans and strategies to get what we desire.

“It’s a good time to identify problems and make plans to fix them.”



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