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'Dangerous!' Ukraine and Russia warn of 'big problem' posed by sea mines in Black Sea

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has seen Russian troops attack the ex-Soviet state by land, air and sea. However, now both Kyiv and Moscow suggest there is a serious threat in the Black Sea due to the use of sea mines.

According to the Guardian, Ukrainian waters are infested with hundreds of mines.

This is thought to be making the reopening of grain shipping routes which have been halted by the Kremlin’s sea blockade even more difficult.

Vladlen Tobak, a former Ukrainian navy diving instructor and the founder of a diving school in Odesa, said: “It’s truly a big problem.

“These mines are there with other unexploded devices from the second world war, which we continue to find.

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“The main concern is that we don’t know how many mines were dropped during the naval blockade.

“It will take a long time to clear the waters of these devices.”

The total number of sea mines in Ukrainian waters remains unknown, however, a spokesperson for Odesa’s regional military operation claimed that between 400 and 600 were deployed by Russia.

The Kremlin’s defence ministry even issued a warning about “floating Ukrainian mines off the coast of Odesa”.



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