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Dartmoor Park fights back against ‘selfish’ attempt by landowner to ban wild camping

“National Parks exist to promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of their special qualities. Wild camping is a form of outdoor recreation which promotes that, and section 10 should be interpreted as authorising that activity. 

“Wild or backpack camping is as it sounds – carrying all you need in a rucksack and camping ‘off grid’ without any of the facilities of formal pitches etc. You can backpack camp for one or two nights on some commons well away from roads, individual buildings or settlements using a ‘no impact’ approach, following the backpack camping code.

“People can plan long walking routes that will involve an overnight wild camp as part of this, taking care to leave no trace. Wild camping enables walkers to explore, and experience to the full, wild and remote corners of the National Park, which they simply could not do if restricted to day trips and formal camp sites.

“Wild camping as part of a long walking expedition has always been a key part of how people enjoy Dartmoor and is an important part of challenge events like Ten Tors. The National Park Authority believe that a challenge in respect of section 10 of the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985 is incorrect, has been made far too late, and should be dismissed.”



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