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'Date with death!' Kim Jong-un was issued horror warning over missile launches

Earlier this week, North Korea launched three missiles as the country continues to concern observers around the world. It has been reported in recent days that the US intelligence community is trying to determine whether North Korea tested a ballistic missile with properties the US has not seen before North Korea’s launch of three ballistic missiles on Wednesday included one that flew an unusual trajectory, according to the officials.

The missile’s flight path was described as a “double arc” with the missile ascending and then descending twice.

It could be another sign that Kim Jong-un is accelerating the development of his country’s weapons.

Washington has tried for years to prevent North Korea from continuing with its nuclear weapons programme.

In 2017, former Republican Senator for Oklahoma – Steve Russell – even warned that Kim’s life would be threatened if he continued to test missiles.

Mr Russell said in 2017 that the Supreme Leader would have a “date with death” if he kept improving his country’s military prowess, The Hill reported him as saying.

He added: “If he wants to push this envelope and miscalculate—where he strikes the United States, it’s territories or the territories or national interests of our allies or ourselves, he will die. It is that simple.

“Dictators have one thing in common—they want to stay alive; if Kim Jong Un wants to stay alive, he needs to stop.

“If he doesn’t, I can assure you based upon all of the activity that I have been involved with on Armed Services and also in foreign affairs—he is playing a dangerous game where he will not only be annihilated but other people will suffer greatly.”

Russell’s statement came a day after North Korea launched its Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the first time, reaching an altitude of 2,800 miles and a distance of 600 miles.

The successful test, along with two Hwasong-14 ICBM tests in July, a hydrogen bomb test in September and routine shorter-range missile testing, exhibited Kim’s sweeping military advances this year.

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Mr Biden also rejected how his predecessor, Donald Trump, had dealt with Kim when he was President.

He continued: “If there was a commitment on which we met, then I would meet with [Kim].

“And the commitment has to be that there is discussion about his nuclear arsenal.”

“What I would not do is what has been done in the recent past. I would not give him all he’s looking for, international recognition as legitimate, and give him what allowed him to move in a direction of appearing to be more serious about what he wasn’t at all serious about.”

Mr Trump held three high-profile meetings with Kim, one in Singapore in June of 2018, another in Hanoi the following February, and the last one in June of 2019.

During their third meeting, Trump took several steps onto North Korean soil, becoming the first American president to do so.

President Trump failed to talk Kim away from his nuclear weapons.



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