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DEAL OF THE DAY: Save £50 on ‘amazing’ Salter air fryer at Robert Dyas – now under £50

The Salter Hot Air Fryer is an innovative frying alternative that helps you cook with little to no oil while still retaining all the delicious flavour – so you can minimise your fat intake.

One fan of the fryer said it “takes the fat out of food without ruining the flavour”.

Usually retailing for £99.99, you can currently buy the Salter Hot Air Fryer for £49.99 – saving £50. 

A generous 3.2-litre cooking capacity and adjustable temperature controls allow you to make delicious, efficient meals for the whole family. The device can work its magic on everything from frozen chips, to meat, to vegetables, and a whole lot more.

Those who bought the fryer so they don’t need to use their oven as much have commented that this method saves them money, with one saying: “It cooks beautifully and saves me from having to use my oven, which is much cheaper. Worth thinking about at the moment.”

Buy: Robert Dyas (£49.99)

The fryer comes packed with innovative features that make it a breeze to use, including an adjustable timer and ready indicator light for control, adjustable temperature up to 220 degrees, and a removable non-stick cooking basket for easy cleaning.

One reviewer commented on how easy it is to clean, saying: “Everything comes out delicious and crispy.

“I don’t use any oil and no food gets stuck to the bottom or burn, it’s very easy to wash it after use.”

Buy: Robert Dyas (£49.99)

Many of the air fryer converts in the reviews mention being on the fence about an air fryer for years before they took the plunge. But now they have one, they wonder how they ever lived without it. One such shopper said it “took years to decide to get one. Very glad I did”.

You can buy the Salter Hot Air Fryer while it’s still on sale on Robert Dyas here.



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