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Delete this WhatsApp message now! Urgent warning issued to its two billion users

There’s a nasty new WhatsApp scam circulating across the globe and it’s easy to see how some users are being duped. The latest threat to target the 2 billion people who use the popular messaging platform every day pretends to have been sent by the support team at WhatsApp itself.

As spotted by the ever-reliable team at WABetainfo, the message looks like it’s arrived from WhatsApp Support but it’s actually sent by scammers trying to steal user names, passwords and even bank account details.

Where the hackers are trying to be clever is by using the official “green tick” on the account.

This suggests that it’s a genuine account but a closer look reveals that this verification badge is actually in the wrong place and is not the real deal.

The actual WhatsApp Support account has a green tick next to its name but because scammers can’t activate this they simply add it to the profile picture instead.

If you get a message claiming to be from WhatsApp and it looks like the screenshot, above, then you must delete it straight away and not respond to any messages.

Explaining more, WAbetainfo said: “WhatsApp never asks for details about your credit card and information like your 6-digit code or two-step verification PIN. WhatsApp doesn’t even ask for money or confidential information to avoid terminating accounts. If someone wants to get this information, it means it is a fake account that’s trying to scam you.”




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