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Derek Chisora hangs out presenter to dry in awkward Tyson Fury press conference opener

Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora’s press conference got off to an awkward as Del Boy gave presenter Paul Dempsey a cagey interview while they awaited the arrival of the WBC champion. Chisora – who is known for playing games with journalists and broadcasters – flustered the experienced BT Sport pundit, who tried to desperately salvage the conversation.

After a warm welcome from Dempsey, Chisora sat down and uttered the words that every journalist dreads: “I’m going to make you work.” And work he did.

“While we wait for Tyson, let’s get started with you, how are you?” said Dempsey. “I’m fine,” replied Chisora. “Are you relishing fight week yet again?” Dempsey asked. “Yes,” Chisora responded.

Dempsey, catching on to what was occurring, said: “Is this going to be one of those press conferences where you try a few tricks including hanging out the presenter to dry?” To which Chisora, retorted: “Yes,” as the room burst out into laughter.

“And as we have seen many times in the past when champions overlook their opponents and think about names and big fights, and then you’ve got the opponent training away, nice and steadily, no pressure, goes in there and knocks the mother f***** out.

“I’ve seen it time and time again. But for me that will never happen because I train very hard and I respect every opponent I’ve ever faced. I give 110 per cent every time I’m in the gym. I’ve put in nine weeks of training for this fight.”



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