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Devastated dad says daughter battling Strep A on ventilator is 'worst pain in the world'

A father has described watching his young daughter battle Strep A in hospital as “the worst pain in the world”. Camila Rose Burns, four, was dancing with friends on a Friday night before after her condition rapidly deteriorated. She was rushed to hospital and by Monday she was on a ventilator. 

The youngster was taken to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, the Daily Mail reports today.

Camila’s dad, Dean Burns, said her condition rapidly deteriorated last weekend after feeling “a little under the weather” on Saturday. 

The heartbroken dad initially thought his daughter “didn’t look too bad” but as her health declined, Camila’s appearance “completely changed”.

She was rushed to hospital by her parents after complaining her chest hurts. 

The youngster was sent home by doctors as her condition did not appear serious and a sickness bug had been going around her school. 

But when her dad and his wife, Kaye, checked at 3am on Monday morning, she was vomiting black sick and they rushed her straight to hospital. 

Camila’s Strep has since turned into sepsis, the body’s life-threatening reaction to infection.

Speaking about his daughter’s health condition, Mr Burns said nurses described her as “the poorliest girl in the whole of England” and added that her illness is “heartbreaking”. 

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He said: “The pain that she feels and that we all feel, you can’t even imagine it. It’s the worst pain in the world.

“I wake up every day now and it’s that dread, just knowing that she’s in there and that she’s suffering. We go into the hospital and we just say ‘come on, come on, we need you to live, you have to get better.”

There have been five recorded deaths within seven days of an invasive Strep A diagnosis in children under 10 in England this season, the UK Health Security Agency said.

This is five times higher among infants than before Covid struck and health experts fear the toll will get higher in the coming weeks. 

Infectious disease specialists warned the increase in cases could be due to lockdowns, which may have caused children to have less immunity towards the routine bug.

The disease spreads in the same way as Covid through close contact such as sneezing, kissing and touching.  



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