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'Difference was amazing': Lynsey Crombie's 'wet tea towel' hack speeds up drying clothes

Lynsey Crombie detailed the tips in a “Cleaning Tips Tuesday” video. She explained “a few top tips to help you speed up your tumble drying during this dull miserable month.”

There are various ways the expert suggests making your drying a speedier experience.

The first was to add an extra spin when drying heavy items in the machine.

Cleaning aficionado Lynsey also suggested adding a tennis ball to your dryer drum.

She said: “Use tennis balls or tumble dryer balls to help space out your laundry and let the air flow.”

Controversially, perhaps, Lynsey suggested adding a wet tea towel to the drum to make drying faster.

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“The wet towel one is interesting. I’ll give it a go,” another said.

Another said: “Saw this tip somewhere years ago.

“I fold large items like bedsheets and towels before putting them in. They tangle far less; therefore dry quicker.”

The cleaning guru who appears regularly on This Morning suggested the steam from the wet tea towel helps speed up the drying time.

“Opening a window now and then isn’t enough, I’ve been there, unfortunately.”

Lynsey recently shared an oil diffuser hack for easily removing plastic stoppers. 

Former This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford called the tip “genius”.

Lynsey posted “the simplest way to remove a top from a diffuser” on her Instagram account, wowing fans who had struggled with the difficult task.



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