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‘Disgrace’ German Chancellor slammed over delay in sending high-end tanks to Ukraine

Despite being pressured by the top officials, the German Chancellor is yet to take the decision on sending the tanks to Ukraine. As per the plan, if implemented, Germany will be sending as many as 100 tanks to Ukraine in a bid to aid in the defending country’s war effort.

The decision has reportedly been pushed by Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

The chancellor told the Bundestag on Wednesday when asked about tank deliveries: “We’re setting in motion everything that’s right and sensible.”

Yet Mr Scholz added it was important for him to coordinate among EU and NATO partners to ensure “that we provide such military support in the same way, and that no one is rushing ahead including Germany.”

He added: “I believe that this is precisely an issue where it would be a grave mistake for Germany to take a special role and a special path.”

The discussion to send tanks to Ukraine comes amid a growing acceptance in Berlin and other Western capitals that Russia’s war in Ukraine could drag on for months or years, and as Kyiv directly appeals for such equipment.

However, the social media users could not stop criticising the Chancellor as the plan was reportedly put into limbo.

One twitter user, CATSELFmusic, tweeted: “As Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz scratched his forehead, wondering what arguments to give this time for not sending Ukraine tanks without making his secret agreement with Vladimir Putin too plain to see, more Ukrainians got killed, injured and raped on their own land.”

Another user, Robyphilips, tweeted: “They’re worried that Russia might turn the power off.

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Robert Habeck, the German economy and energy minister, has announced plans to stop importing oil and coal from Russia this year, and gas by mid-2024.

Meanwhile, UK and NATO allies have agreed to supply “new and heavier” weapons to Ukraine in an acknowledgement that the conflict has entered a “new and different phase”.

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary to Russian president Mr Putin, confirmed Russia had sustained “significant losses of troops” in the war, calling the deaths a “huge tragedy”.



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