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Doctor's warning: 'Everything will get worse’ for patients this winter

Armitage said: “The places where it will be most acutely felt are the community services, so anyone working in primary care or in the community will really struggle because that patient load that they’ve been trying to look after in the community [will rise].

“That means people who are old, frail, who have disabilities, who are kind of on the edge of being able to stay at home, maybe they’ll tip into requiring longer term care or an increased package of care.”

However, while there are fears primary and community care may break this winter, Armitage said that is already happening: “Everything ends up affecting A&E because when primary care and community care fall down which is what they’re doing at the moment, the thing that takes the strain is the A&E department.”

Furthermore, the types of conditions that will put a strain on A&E are those conditions which require prolonged care such as patients with cardiorespiratory conditions.

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