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Dog makes ‘miracle’ recovery after being hit by train in horror incident

Amy and Reece Parkinson, from Aspull in Wigan, landed in the UK after a holiday when they found out their dog had been hit by a train. The pup, Reggie, was rushed to an emergency vet in Leigh on June 18.

The dog was staying at Mrs Parkinson’s father’s house whilst the couple on holiday in Spain.

He had managed to escape the garden and go onto the train tracks nearly two miles behind where he lives in Hart Common, Westhoughton.

Reggie had severed his tail, had dozens of lacerations to his head and body, as well as various fractures and dislocations to his limbs.

A Network Rail worker discovered him near Hindley Railway Station and helped rescue Reggie from the side of the railway

However, despite being close to being put down, the dog made a “miracle” recovery at the vets.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Mrs Parkinson said: “There were questions we had to answer as to whether we would have to put him down as we didn’t want to make him suffer unnecessary pain.

“We went to the vets the next morning where he was in a little trolley. The vet prepared us before we went into the room.

“When he heard Reece’s voice he started to get up out of his trolley and was crying for him. 

“The vet said that he could not believe he was stable and that it was a miracle.

“They believed that the train must have hit him just on the left side. By some miracle he has no spinal damage and no damage to his organs.”

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Reggie was born with a very rare neurological condition called Mega Oesophagus which meant that he could not be insured. 

This condition also means that he had to eat his food in an upright position which requires the help of a special chair. 

The family have already forked out more than £4,000 for the surgery to amputate his leg and there are more costs in the pipeline.

As of writing, Mrs Parkinson raised £5,610 out of a £10,000 goal in just five days.



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