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Donald Trump humiliated after sparse and ‘uninterested’ rally blasted by critics

Two senior political reporters took to Twitter to dispel reports and shared footage of sparse crowds after being accused of pushing “fake news” by Donald Trump’s press representative. Political reporter Greg Bluestein attended the former president’s rally in Commerce, Georgia and took to Twitter to dispel false reports from the former President about the size of the crowd at the rally.

Mr Bluestein said: “Trump says the crowd goes ‘as far as the eye can see’ behind the TV risers. Ehhh … not so much.”

Another tweet from the reporter read: “Yeah, don’t believe the line that there were 25,000-35,000 people at the Trump rally last night.

“The crowd was far smaller and quieter than other rallies in Georgia – and elsewhere – I’ve covered.”

Photos shared on Twitter of the event in Georgia show rows of empty seats and people leaving while Mr Trump was still addressing the thinning crowd.

Another political reporter, Stephen Fowler from Georgia Public Broadcasting has been slammed as “fake news” by Donald Trump’s team after he too dispelled reports of an overwhelming crowd at the rally.

Mr Fowler tweeted: “It’s almost time for Trump to speak here in Georgia and there’s probably no more than 5,000 people here, the smallest Trump rally I’ve ever covered here.

“Way less than the Perry rally in 2021 (closer to 10k) and nowhere close to 2020’s 20-30k+.”

He later added: “Trump is still going, and people are still leaving: Here’s the big q/takeaway: If Trump can’t get a big friendly crowd in one of the most conservative districts in the country, then how will these underdog primary challengers prevail, and how will he carry that into 2024?”

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It is not the first time the former president has been caught out being dishonest about crowd sizes at his rallies, his inauguration and even used it as a point of evidence for the ‘rigged’ election.

Mr Trump claimed he had record-breaking crowds at his inauguration and that it was impossible for him to lose the election in 2020 due to the overwhelming crowds at his rallies.

Elain Godfrey commented in The Atlantic that “for Donald Trump and his supporters, crowd size is more than just a bragging point. It’s proof that they are part of the American majority”



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