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Dr Shola video of youth arrests sparks huge support for police officer 'Never off duty'

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu shared the video of the off duty officer who stepped in to stop “kids being robbed at knifepoint”. The officer held the young man to the ground as an onlooker pointed out he is an off duty police officer. Dr Shola wrote on Twitter: “The shock I got while driving to see a man grab a white boy from his neck off his bicycle and struggling forcefully with him.

“Got out to try to stop it/make sure the boy was OK.

“It was an off duty police officer-he said the boy had a knife and had threatened other kids.”

Commander Karen Findlay Major Operations also said: “Bravery. Courage. Never off duty. The only focus in this is protecting the public, selfless re-own safety to stop kids from being robbed at knifepoint.

“That’s the ONLY message. Help your officers keep young people safe. The young man who assisted fantastic job.”

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The video has since been viewed 282,000 times on Twitter.

Brian William wrote: “There is no ‘off duty’ anymore.”

Steve Carroll added: “Great job and well done that lad who assisted proving he was a police officer. Never off duty.”

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