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Driver has car windows hammered after parking on double-yellow lines – ‘Really scared!’

A mum has recently taken to the internet to share a terrifying experience she had with a stranger who “charged” and “screamed” at her for leaving her vehicle parked on double-yellow lines. The mum agreed that she made a mistake when parking but added that the reaction was very “extreme”.

Writing on Mumsnet, she said: “I know, I am in the wrong because I parked wrong.

“For two minutes only, but nonetheless – wrong.

“I was getting back into my car and this lady starts charging at me – I had both my babies in the car.

“She starts screaming at me you can’t park here, you can’t park here.

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“Only then did she finally let off and I drove away. Isn’t that a bit of an extreme reaction? I would never do that.

“Fair enough if I had got angry back, but I immediately apologised and backed down and she just kept going. She really scared me.”

Several people took to the comments section to express their views on the situation. The reactions were mixed.

One user said: “She shouldn’t have got so angry but how do you know you aren’t the millionth person to do this to that space?

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Another person commented: “Crazy woman and massively OTT reaction!! Had you parked on Her petunias or something?!”

What are the rules surrounding double-yellow lines?

Double yellow lines indicate no waiting at any time and apply to the road, pavement and verge.

However, drivers can leave their vehicles parked on double-yellow lines at certain times, as indicated on nearby signs.

Other exceptions include:

  • Making a commercial delivery or pick-up
  • Stopping to pick up or drop off a passenger
  • Being a blue badge holder
  • Double yellow lines and restriction signs being obstructed from view



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