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Drivers blown away by little-known petrol pump button that gets exact amount of fuel

With the cost of petrol and diesel remaining at record highs, drivers have started being very careful when filling up their vehicles. And, many motorists will be aware of how annoying it can be to stand in front of a pump attempting to stop at the right time and get the exact amount of fuel needed.

Well, thanks to a new viral video on TikTok, motorists may now be spared the misery and will no longer have to stare at the pump monitor.

All drivers will be required to do is press a button.

A 23-year-old TikToker, known only as Livs, discovered the button when she was filling up her car.

She then filmed the discovery and shared it with her followers on her @livticks TikTok account.

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Many drivers, however, pointed out that the buttons are not that common.

But, if they are there, they are a “game-changer” during the fuel crisis, others said.

The latest RAC Fuel Watch shows that drivers will have to pay £191.43p per litre of petrol.

For diesel car owners the price is even higher at 199.05p per litre.

However, the forecast predicts the petrol price to fall and the diesel cost to remain the same.



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