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Drivers could save £40 per month on petrol and diesel – 'brake less' and 'drive slower'

Latest RAC Fuel Watch prices show a cost of 153.5p per litre of petrol while diesel drivers face an average price of 157.47p per litre. Both of these prices are “likely to rise” with drivers being warned of accelerating prices due to global oil prices which have been rocked after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As a way to reduce their fuel spending costs, many motorists have been altering their driving habits in an attempt to save money.

Multiple experts have called on drivers to make basic changes like removing any excess weight from the vehicle or even using their car less.

One expert, Kevin Booker, from Swansea, is known as a “hypermiler” as he attempts to dramatically reduce his fuel bill by changing the way he drives.

Through a series of simple fuel saving techniques, the 43-year old manages to save himself between £30 and £40 per month and has even achieved three Guinness World Records.

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“It’s more kind of rolling up to it and keeping some speed there but not actually coming to a complete stop.

“There’s also things like looking at how much speed affected my journey times vs the efficiency of it.

“I found out by driving fractionally slower that overall your journey time is about the same, but you’re saving a significant amount of fuel.

“I kind of worked out basically that over a month, I could save a significant amount of fuel. I was saving probably £30 to £40 a month just by slightly altering my driving style,” he told Wales Online.

Regional differences are also having an impact on fuel costs, with many drivers reporting seeing vastly different prices at forecourts in the same city.

In Northern Ireland, drivers could see a massive 13p difference in the cheapest and most expensive petrol and diesel prices.

Richard Williams, Head of Transport Policy at the Consumer Council, advised drivers to shop around for their fuel in the hope of making small savings.

He added: “One thing we are suggesting is to reduce your journeys if you’re able to, but obviously a lot of people can’t. 

“We’re encouraging people to use public transport if possible. The [Northern Ireland] Infrastructure Minister has frozen fares on public transport.

“The evidence we have going back over a number of years is it’s cheaper to commute by bus than it is by car if you factor in all the running costs of the car.

“Our evidence is based on stats we’ve gathered in relation to travelling from parts of Northern Ireland into Belfast, which includes the cost of parking in Belfast.

“For example, the monthly commute by car from Antrim to Belfast would cost £390, which includes all the costs including MOT, tax, servicing, car parking. On the bus, it would cost you £132.

“It’s also important to maintain your car as making sure your tires are properly inflated and making sure your car isn’t cluttered up with waste can make it more efficient.”



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