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Drivers demand fewer cycle lanes & action to fix potholes instead – 'serious risk for all'

A new survey of 2,000 UK drivers, found that more than three-quarters want the Government to fix potholes rather than building cycle lanes. Of the 2,000 drivers, 712 are also cyclists, with 71 percent of cyclists agreeing that more attention should be paid to potholes as opposed to cycle lanes.

Over nine in 10 drivers, who drive only, also think laws should apply equally to cyclists and drivers, including drink driving and speed limits.

Over three-quarters of cyclists agree, according to the data from InsuretheGap.

The survey also looked into the public opinion of electric bikes, a vehicle type which has become far more popular in recent years.

Two thirds of drivers and 63 percent of cyclists think electric bikes need different laws to push bikes.

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Ben Wooltorton of InsuretheGap.com said: “Drivers and cyclists are often seen as road rivals, but actually many drivers are also cyclists, and just want the roads to be safe for all users. 

“Whilst more cycle lanes would be a dream for most cyclists, the need to improve the quality of roads is something which unites drivers and cyclists, as potholes are a serious risk for all road users.”

With most drivers calling for pothole repairs to take priority over the development of new cycle lanes, new data has revealed the extent of road works in the UK.

In the last year alone, nearly 20,000 miles of roads were affected by works last year.

Breakdown provider Green Flag, who commissioned the data, urged drivers to always check journeys for road closure and revised routes before travelling.

Mark Newberry, Commercial Director at Green Flag, commented: “Investment in the highway network across Britain is vital for drivers so it’s good to see so much continues to be spent to maintain and improve roads.

“Road works can be a serious nuisance though, especially if they are not known about or drivers come across them in during a journey and do not know an alternate route.

“Anyone driving somewhere they are not familiar with should check their route before travelling for any road works or road closures which may affect their journey. 

“Drivers should also make sure they are always ready for a long journey before setting off as we know that many breakdowns are avoidable if proper care is taken before and during a trip.”

The total investment into highways by central maintenance agencies reached £6.2billion in 2021, up 12 percent from £5.6billion in 2020. 

This was supplemented by an estimated £3billion in local council roads at an average of £7.4million per council over the course of 2021.



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