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Drivers risk £5,000 fine and £1,816 in car damages when travelling with a dog

Experts at Bristol Street Motors have advised drivers on how to drive safely with dogs inside their cars and avoid a £5,000 fine. They also provided tips for motorists on how to prevent the four-legged animals from causing almost £2,000 worth of damage.

If the driver of a vehicle is distracted by a dog, they could risk a £5,000 for careless driving, according to the experts.

Should they be involved in an accident while the dog is in the car and not properly restrained, drivers could also have their insurance invalidated.

According to data from 2020/21, there are an estimated 12.5million pet dogs in the UK, following a surge in pet ownership during lockdown.

Having a dog in a car can often result in a lot of damage.

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Little accidents:

Experts revealed that little accidents can cost £325 per seat to recover.

If the pet is a nervous traveller, they may have an accident during the journey.

On average stained upholstery costs around £325 per seat, based on reupholstering using fabric.

It costs even more for leather upholstery.

A simple and cost-effective preventative measure is to invest in removable car seat covers.

Nibbles on the car’s interior:

Nibbles on the car’s interior can total over £416.

Gear knobs cost £55 to replace, while a steering wheel repair will cost drivers £80.

If the damage goes further than a slight tear, it costs around £130 to have the steering wheel fully recovered.

Motorists should also expect to pay over £150 if any of the car’s seatbelts have been damaged.

Build up of dirt and pet hair:

A build-up of dirt and pet hair in a car costs a minimum of £20 to remove.

Ferrying the pets around could lead to a build-up of dog hair in the car, which can cling to soft furnishings.

If dirt is left to build up, it may be easier to replace the car mats rather than attempt to clean them.

A basic set of car mats can be picked up for around £20.

Should the car’s carpets become irreparable, it could set drivers back hundreds of pounds to replace them.

Luckily, regular cleaning and valets should prevent dirt from building up and causing issues.



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