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Drone footage shows Ukraine aerial shot rain down on Russian invaders hiding in trenches

Footage shows two Russian servicemen attempting to flee in opposite directions as they realise a missile has been dropped onto their location. The pair flee frantically through the trench, one northward and the other south, before the former is hit directly by the missile and killed instantly. The strike was carried out by the 59th brigade of the Armed Forces in the Nikolaev-Kherson area of Ukraine.

Using a drone, the 59th brigade is filmed scoping out the trench area, deciding the optimum place of strike. 

After loitering above the soldiers for several minutes, the Ukrainian military drop the bomb. 

One of the Russian troops manages to escape the blast as he runs down the trench to safety. 

But the second soldier is caught directly and appears to die instantly. 

Ukraine’s head of military intelligence said earlier today that he believed the war against Russia would reach a turning-point by mid-August of this year. 

While the West has expressed fears this conflict could continue for years, Major General Kyrylo Budanov said Russia’s “power is a myth” to which the rest of Europe fearfully subscribes. 

Mr Budanov said: “The breaking point will be in the second part of August. Most of the active combat actions will have finished by the end of this year.

“As a result, we will renew Ukrainian power in all our territories that we have lost including Donbas and the Crimea.

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And in Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, the city’s mayor Ihor Terekhov claimed Russian troops have “withdrawn out far” from the area. 

He said that “due to the efforts of Kharkiv territorial defence and Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Russians have withdrawn out far from the city area in the direction of the Russian border”.

He added there was “no shelling in the city for the last five days”, except for “one attempt” with a missile rocket. 

But, he said, “the missile was eliminated by Ukrainian Air Defence” and failed to hit its intended target of Kharkiv airport. 



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