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‘Easy’ way to deadhead geraniums in one step – ‘puts energy into producing new blooms’

Deadheading plants is important to keep your blooms looking healthy. It’s an easy task that should be done to ensure your geraniums continue to look good throughout the season. Geraniums are easy to care for but, when and where should you cut them to ensure they continue to bloom and stay healthy?

It’s important to deadhead geraniums regularly; doing so will keep them blooming for longer. 

It’s a simple job and you don’t even need scissors to prune off any faded flowers, you can just snap them off with light pressure with your hands.

Rachel Crow, Homes & Gardens’ Garden Editor explained: “To deadhead geraniums, simply follow the stem of the dead flower down to where it meets the main stem. 

“Holding the main stem gently with one hand, push your finger gently down on the spent stem where it joins the main stem.

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When caring for geraniums, as well as deadheading, these flowers can often turn yellow when overwatered as they are drought-tolerant plants.

Gardeners may notice that the yellow leaves, the bottom part of the plant, has more yellow leaves or yellow spots on green leaves.

Check the soil and question your watering routine. 

If the soil feels wet or waterlogged, allow it to dry out before watering it again. 

However, if just the edges of the geranium’s leaves have turned yellow, the plant might have been underwatered. 

In this case, check the soil again, pushing your finger a good couple of inches in. If it’s bone dry, give the geranium a good watering.

You can’t fix yellow leaves on geraniums once they have turned yellow.

Instead Lucy Searle Homes & Gardens’ Editor in Chief advised: “Your best option is to remedy the cause of the yellowing by altering your watering routine so that it is neither under or overwatered, by moving it to a sunny spot it will enjoy, and by fertilising it if it is nutrient-deficient.”



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