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Emma Raducanu's Wimbledon chances ruled out as Brit told deep run would be 'a surprise'

Emma Raducanu has been told she has no chance of winning Wimbledon next week and that a deep run in the tournament would come as a big surprise. That is the verdict from 22-time Grand Slam doubles champion Pam Shriver.

Emma Raducanu might have Wimbledon in her sights next week but she has been told she will need a miracle if she wants to win the competition. The Brit has toiled with injuries following her remarkable success at the US Open in 2021.

BBC pundit Shriver does not reckon that she will get far as a result of her recent problems while also alluding to her own situation. However, she did state that she hopes that Raducanu could prove her wrong.

She told Pickwise: “It doesn’t really surprise me that she’s had her struggles. After my first US Open at only 16 years old, I reached the final and lost to Chrissie Evert. That was back in the late 70s at the start of the big Tennis boom, it was in my home country.

“There was a lot of attention and I was still an amateur. I didn’t have any commercial obligations and that makes a big difference these days, completely different to what Raducanu is facing right now.

“It makes you wonder if somebody with experience of that situation, what she might face, might just say, ‘let’s not overload the off-court obligations and partnerships’. Obviously, you want to capitalise, I completely understand the business side of things.

“The US Open was my only Major final, you never know how many more you might reach. It’s about finding a balance between the off-court obligations and on-court practise. The situation has been further compounded by a lot of different coaching transitions, which I’m not in favor of.

“I don’t know why it’s been so complicated to get a coach to help for this next phase of time, but it clearly has been. I don’t expect a lot from Raducanu at Wimbledon.

“She’s had a lot of injuries, not enough time on the court, and there’s plenty of pressure back at her home slam, the place where she didn’t return to the court to finish her match 12 months ago. Putting all of that together, I’d be surprised if she made a deep run.

“It would be great if she did for Women’s Tennis- the game is always in a great place if there’s British interest at this tournament, we’ve seen it before with Henman Hill and Murray Mania. To have that buzz in the Women’s game would be great- we haven’t seen it since Virginia Wade and Sue Barker, apart from a couple of deep runs by Jo Konta in 2017 and 2019.”



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