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Energy crisis: UK faced with new hurdle as wind turbines forced to be TURNED OFF

While countries in the EU facing the urgent need to end their reliance on natural gas imported from Russia, the UK is facing a different problem entirely. Last week, winds around the UK were so powerful that the National Grid had to ask some wind farms in Scotland to shut down. In a bid to prevent overloading the electrical systems, the country’s National Grid also asked some wind farms connected to the local network in the west of Scotland to reduce their output by 25 megawatts.

While that amount was minor, it highlighted the difficulties that the UK is currently facing with an electricity network that is unable to store large amounts of energy.

One of the biggest concerns sceptics raise about renewable energy is its intermittent nature or the idea that the sun does not shine all the time, nor does the wind blow every day.

Experts have argued that the solution to this intermittency is to develop large scale battery storage facilities that can store electricity generated from solar and wind farms.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a major push for wind energy, with a goal to produce 50 GW of electricity from wind power by 2050.

The Government’s energy security strategy said: “We will be the Saudi Arabia of wind power, with the ambition that by 2030 over half our renewable generation capacity will be wind, with the added benefit of high skilled jobs abounding these shores.”

On Wednesday, electricity from wind power peaked at 19,835 megawatts, which was enough to cover half of the country’s energy needs.

Last January, renewable energy production set a new record, both in the UK and in other parts of Europe, which highlights European countries’ efforts to decarbonise its energy systems and shift away from fossil fuels, especially those imported from Russia.

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