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Enneagram personality test: Which of the 9 types are you?

The head types

As you’d expect, the head types of the enneagram (types five, six and seven) react with mental analysis first.

The site explains: “They connect with other people on an intellectual level, and make sense of the world by understanding the systems and theories that underlie what they observe.

“These types are primarily focused on control, which they gain by maintaining stability, security, and competence.”

Type five – the investigator

Fives seek understanding and knowledge and are more comfortable with data than other people, the site reveals.

The biggest fear of type fives is being overwhelmed by their own needs or the needs of other people.

Type six – the sceptic

Type sixes are extremely concerned with security and safety at all times.

They like to prepare for problems ahead of time, as their greatest fear is being “unprepared and unable to defend themselves from danger”.

Type seven – the enthusiast

Type sevens are all about fun and adventure, and they typically get bored easily.

The site reads: “Type sevens fear experiencing emotional pain, especially sadness, and actively seek to avoid it by staying busy.”



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