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Eugenie's voice on podcast is 'deep and pleasantly husky' – unlike 'celebrity-style' Harry

“Her techniques seem to ensure there is no time for any ‘Ta-da!’ pauses that might assume her audience might need time to assimilate her fame and her arrival at the mic.

“Her voice is deep and pleasantly husky and it dips in tone after she says her name to avoid any celebrity-style big-ups.

“Overall she sounds experienced but also low-key and calm and therefore very unlike the other high-profile royal podcaster, Harry,” Judi claimed.

She added: “Eugenie and Harry have been shown to have close links but there is nothing in Eugenie’s podcast to suggest she has used Harry and Meghan as mentors.

“While they focus on sounding high-profile and celebrity, using their royal titles and a much more personally entertaining style of delivery with mentions of their children to flesh out the sense of A-list clout, Eugenie just slots herself in with the other women on the podcast.



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