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Europe heatwave: Scorching 33C French plume to smash Britain with early summer hot air

Temperatures in France are set to rise above 30C, with weather forecaster WXCharts predicting highs of 33C in Bordeaux on Sunday. It has forecast up to 30C in Limoges, 27C in Nantes and 25C in Paris. According to French news outlet, Le Parisien, the country can expect the “early heatwave” to last “several days”.

The warm conditions will move across from Europe and hit the UK by the weekend, with Netweather forecasting that the hot air from France will bring UK temperatures into the low 20s by Saturday.

Speaking about temperatures in the UK, Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “Warmer everywhere on Saturday with hardly any breeze, sunshine and temperatures in the high teens and low twenties.

“Although there will be the easterly flow on Sunday there does look to be hotter air moving up from France early next week, lifting the temperatures well up into the 20sC”.

The hot weather in France has already begun, with Météo France predicting maximum temperatures of up to 31C in Clermont-Ferrand, 30C in Lyon and Strasbourg, 29C in Nancy, Limoges and Dijon and 27C in Marseille today.

It has forecast temperatures of up to 30C across most of France by the end of the week due to a high-pressure system.

Meanwhile, French outlet Le Figaro has predicted that temperatures today will come close to reaching Toulouse’s temperature record of 33C, which was set on May 30 2021.

It said: “Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week, with temperatures reaching 30C locally in the afternoon in the East.

“In Toulouse, the temperature record of 33C, set on May 30, 2021, is almost reached.”

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It advised the public to “make room for t-shirts now”, saying that “the mild weather has settled over the country and should affect almost the entire country on Wednesday.”

Weather forecaster Météo France, which anticipates these temperatures to continue next week, said that “maximum temperatures will frequently reach levels close to the average for the summer months.”

The hot weather in France is expected to aggravate the drought conditions that are already impacting numerous regions of the country.

Le Figaro warned: “Since the beginning of the year, the rainfall deficit has reached 40 percent on average.

“This week the situation is getting worse and little or no rainfall is expected on Wednesday.”

WXCharts has also forecast warm weather in Italy, with temperatures set to reach up to 28C in Rome on Friday.

Meanwhile, Spain is set to see scorching temperatures reaching up to 31C over the weekend.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.



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