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‘Everything has to be about them’ Fury as SNP opts to wear own badge instead of Ukraine

The SNP panellist instead opted to wear a badge of her own party but not one of Ukraine’s national flag like Irish Labour MP Peter Kyle and Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt did.

BBC Question Time returned last night with a panel set to discuss the latest on the Ukraine invasion.

Fiona Bruce chaired the debate, which saw the panel discuss the biggest talking points including help in pushing back Putin’s invasion, and calls for the government to do more to help migrants and Ukrainian refugees.

The panel included Kirsten Oswald, the deputy leader for the SNP at Westminster, who wore the yellow and black SNP badge and failed to display an emblem in support of Ukraine.

As well as the SNP deputy leader, the other four panel guests included Penny Mordaunt MP, the UK’s trade minister, Peter Kyle MP, Labour shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland, Bridget Kendall, a former Moscow correspondent, and Russian-British podcaster, Konstantin Kisin.

The SNP has been accused of making everything about themselves as the party’s representative, Ms Oswald, failed to display the nation’s flag.

Gentleman of the North tweeted: “Watching #QuestionTime.

“Labour and Conservative wear pin badge/ribbons displaying Ukrainian colours. SNP wears an SNP badge.

“Says it all. With the SNP everything has to be about them.”

Some see this as a perceived lack of unity with the Ukrainian people who have been ruthlessly and aggressively bombarded by Russian forces since the invasion began last week.

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Others have called out Ms Oswald’s comments on nuclear weapons which the SNP strongly oppose of.

One user commented that the Scottish MP was “woefully naive” when speaking about nuclear weapons.

Another said: “What you have to realise if you are not Scottish, is that the SNP do not really have any principles beyond separatism.

“Their opposition to nuclear weapons is not founded in any kind of moral principle, it simply another issue which they can exploit to create division.”



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