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Expat says relocating to dream country 'wasn’t so fun' – 365 days of sun can be 'surreal'

“If you can secure yourself a good job with a good package then I don’t see why you wouldn’t take the advance of 365 days of the year of sun, tax free salary in a country with endless opportunities.

“Things to consider: relocation costs, price of housing ie rent, school fees and utility bills.”

She also shared some of the best things about Dubai: “The country is safe and extremely clean, endless things to do whether your single or a family, sunshine 365 days (even though last year and this year we have had some amazing rain), you make great friendships – near enough everyone arrives knowing no one with no family – and lots of opportunities.”

Lauren explained their personal experience is “really positive” as they have a very similar life to the one they would have back in the UK.



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