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Extraordinary Telegram claim Putin 'fell down stairs at his home and soiled himself'

Vladimir Putin slid down the stairs at his home and soiled himself, a Telegram channel has claimed. The extraordinary claim from General SVR – which claims to have links to the despot’s bodyguards – alleges he fell five steps at his Moscow home onto his coccyx before rolling on his side and falling another two. The channel said the pain caused him to “involuntarily defecate” as he suffered from “cancer of the gastrointestinal tract”, adding more fuel to speculation about the President’s ill health.

Rampant speculation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has suggested Putin is on the verge of death, with unconfirmed reports stating he is suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s or cancer.

Experts believe the idea that the leader is dying is “wishful thinking”.

General SVR is one of the most prominent channels furthering these claims, with regular posts about the premier’s health.

But it has never posted evidence supporting the wild claims or verified its purported connections to Putin’s bodyguards.

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The channel has also posted conspiracy theories, claiming humanity was “brainwashed 200 years ago” and has “never seen the far side of the Moon”.

The December 1 post claimed bodyguards “quickly reacted and rushed to Putin’s aid” before calling on-duty doctors.

The channel added that doctors diagnosed “a bruise of the coccyx and soft tissues”.

Putin was pictured the following day at a Russian laboratory, where he met scientists while showing no apparent signs of injury.

The Russian President has appeared more often in public lately, having most recently visited the Crimean Kerch Bridge damaged by an explosion in October.

He crossed the bridge in a German-made Mercedes in a coordinated stunt alongside Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.

Footage showed the two politicians making the 11-mile drive across the bridge and walking across a section on the other side.

In the video, Putin stated the bridge requires more work before it can open to the public again.


They reportedly said that workers assembled 1,214 tonnes of metal and brought it to the site ahead of construction by “500 people, three floating cranes, four barges and 31 pieces of equipment around the clock”.

The Kremlin had blamed Kyiv for the explosion, branding it an “act of sabotage”.

The stunt from Putin mirrored a similar public appearance he made in 2018.

The President also drove across the Kerch Bridge four years ago when it opened to widespread support from the Russian media.



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