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'Extremely expensive' fuel prices forces motorists to drive less – POLL

In a poll which ran from 11am on Saturday, March 19, to 11am on Sunday, March 20, Express.co.uk asked: “Is the soaring cost of petrol and diesel making you drive less?” A total of 1,100 people responded and dozens left comments below the accompanying article in a lively debate.

Overwhelmingly, the majority of voters – 67 percent (738) said “Yes – I’m driving less” while a further 33 percent (368) said “No – I’m driving the same” with just four people saying they didn’t know. 

Username DoggyDay said: “I used to go out two or three times a week in my car but not anymore. 

“If I need items from the town I wait until I go for my weekly big shop and get everything together. No spare cash for anything out of the basic necessities anymore!”

 And username Londonlady1965 wrote: “Trying to drive less, get shopping delivered, go out just one day to pay bills, shop etc in one area.

“I’m not travelling as much as I did to see family and friends, or day trips. Everything has become extremely expensive…it’s not surprising people aren’t going out often in their cars.”

Some commented that before fuel prices rose they were already driving less.

Username Summer.bay said: “I do less than 2000 miles a year, l can’t cut much more.”

Meanwhile, username English pride wrote: “I never use my car for any short journey which is walkable.” 

However, others felt that driving remained a necessity regardless of fuel prices.

 Username Joe Kidd said: “It won’t stop me driving.”

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Experian Catalist reported the latest prices to be 165.89p per litre for petrol and 177.34p per litre for diesel. This is up from just 148.0p and 151.6p a month ago, respectively. 

The RAC reports the cost to fill an average tank of petrol is around £88, while diesel is over £92.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said drivers “badly need a break from these relentless daily rises”.

He hopes that retailers will “soon start to pass on recent reductions in the price of wholesale fuel”.



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