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‘Final nail in the coffin’: drivers react with fury to city banning petrol and diesel cars

The news that Glasgow will be including all vehicles in its Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) expansion next June has caused fury among drivers who say it will mean they will never visit the city. The new rules essentially ban many petrol and diesel cars from entering the zone.

Since 2018 the LEZ has included buses driving in the city but will now be expanded to all cars in order to “improve air quality, protect public health and support wider climate change ambitions by encouraging more sustainable transport options.”

The LEZ will apply to all vehicle types other than motorbikes, mopeds, emergency vehicles and disabled blue badge holders.

Failing to comply with the LEZ will result in a £60 penalty charge, reduced by 50 percent if paid within 14 days.

Express.co.uk readers were appalled by the development, saying they believe it will end business in the centre.

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Commenting on the story, ‘Cautiously optimistic’ wrote: “Predicted headline in a year or so……Glasgow City Centre dies as few visit and commerce comes to a halt! What do you think?”

‘ByGeorge’ replied “Hundreds of empty shops, which has turned Glasgow into a city of derelict, collapsing buildings.”

That sentiment was echoed by ‘Tolstoi’ who wrote: “Well, if anyone wanted to put the final nail in the coffin of the high street, Glasgow city council seems to have stepped up first.”

Other readers felt Scottish leadership was part of the problem.


‘Stevie012’ claimed: “Sturgeon is in cahoots with the Greens and they will do what they do best – destroy economies and lose people their jobs.”

‘Concerned Brexiteer’ agreed, claiming: “Is that the cost of remaining in power, because if it is, then she’s in for a shock from the Scottish people.”

Other commenters feared for the people currently living in the centre of Glasgow.

‘Bob_English’ wrote: “Good luck to city centre residents needing a plumber and finding one that can get his gear on an e-bike!!”

“The trouble with a political class that have never had real jobs is they have no idea how the world actually works or what normal people do.”

‘MalcolmB’ added: “The high street in Glasgow is already falling apart because of the war on motorists. The oldest M&S in Glasgow is closing its doors. Many UK chain stores are now charity shops.

“They are talking of demolishing a massive shopping centre that was built less than 20 years ago to build flats on its site.

“Everyone is going to out of town shopping centres now where you can access by motorway and park for free.”

The initiative found little support among readers, although ‘Trout_Tickler’ did suggest politicians “limit cars to one per household and cut emissions overnight” as an alternative.

But the vast majority of commenters were united in their condemnation of the LEZ expansion.

And ‘FloatyMcBoaty’ said: “Another nail in the coffin for Glasgow.”



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