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Forget your 4K TV! Samsung reveals a much faster way to watch content

If you want the very best experience for a night of glorious gaming then it might be worth taking a look at Samsung’s latest screen. Unlike most of the firm’s new TVs – which only offer a 120Hz refresh rate – the new curved Neo G8 comes packed with technology that pushes things up to 240Hz.

This basically means that you’ll get a much smoother viewing experience with less motion blur and lower latency which makes it perfect for competitive multiplayer games.

In fact, Samsung is promising that owners will be treated to an ultra-low 1ms response time for improved Call of Duty battles and winning endless games of Fortnite.

To help boost things further, the Neo G8 (G85NB) also comes packed with Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED technology which enables ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs.

This ensures gamers see both dark and bright scenes as they were intended.

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The final boost to the visuals comes thanks to the addition of something called Quantum HDR 2000. This offers eye-popping 2,000nit peak brightness and a million-to-one static contrast ratio that makes sure even subtle details are seen.

Along with that 32-inch G8 monitor, Samsung is also launching smaller G40B models which also get 240Hz technology. These flat screens will arrive in 25 and 27-inch sizes and feature lower resolution than the more premium G8.

Finally, there’s also the new 32-inch Odyssey Neo G7 (G75NB) which gets many of the features found on the G8 but drops the refresh rate down to 165Hz.

“Samsung is excited to unveil the world’s fastest 4K gaming monitor to unlock even more opportunities and deliver innovation to the market, creating a new and incredibly immersive experience,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Gamers ultimately desire that immersive experience in unity with their character and scene, and the Odyssey enables this with superior features and lifelike picture quality to give players a thrill.”

Samsung says the Odyssey G85NB, G75NB and G40B gaming monitors will be available globally throughout June, with launch schedules varying by region.



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