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Frost lays into Boris with brutal exit speech: ‘We drifted away from those who elected us'

Lord Frost appeared on GB News where he laid into the Conservative Party for ignoring the voters who put them in power in the first place. The peer was very critical of the Government’s coronavirus strategy and chose to step down as Brexit Minister, allowing him to voice his concerns publically. He warned Boris Johnson of the “peril” of “drifting away” from their core electorate and was frustrated the party did not represent a traditional conservative free-market government.

Speaking on GB News, Lord Frost was grilled over his departure from the Conservative Party with presenter Mark Steyn asking the former minister to explain his grievances with the “direction” of the Government.

Lord Frost replied: “Yeah, I think it’s only partly a conservative free-market government.

“That’s the problem and I don’t think Conservatives should be raising taxes in the way that we decided to, I don’t think we should be rushing at the net-zero policy in quite the way that we’re doing at the moment.

“Climate change is a problem, I don’t think by any means it’s the most serious problem the country faces.

“We need to be much more serious about deregulating, sweeping away regulation, changing things, doing things differently so that we get the benefits of what we’ve done.

“If we know anything for the last 200 years, it’s free markets, free economies, free choice, ability to pursue your own destiny and choose your own futures to provide for your family, that produces prosperity.

“We move away from that at our peril, so that was my concern.”

Lord Frost added he did not think things were “entirely bleak” but warned “we’ve drifted away from where the centre of gravity is of the people that elected us”.

“Sadly it did not prove to be irreversible, as I wished, and believe you did too.

“I hope we can get back on track soon and not be tempted by the kind of coercive measures we have seen elsewhere.”

Lord Frost was also concerned about the net-zero pledge and the Government’s high taxation policies.



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